Advocacy & Awareness


Shared Dependency in Dignity – Karijn speech during Decade Celebrations

It all started in primary school in the Netherlands. I sat in the middle of the class and got one of my epilepsy seizures. As I […]

The Birth Growth and Development of YotM

What brings so many youth with epilepsy and people in their community together? It all started in 2005 when Karijn visited Kenya for an internship at […]

Innovating Pathways for Employment Inclusion – Launch

Youth on the Move (YotM) participated in the launch of IPEI a project funded by the DFID Aid Connect for persons with disability. YotM represented epilepsy […]

Petition to give free medical care for persons living with epilepsy

At the NCD Alliance Kenya  media breakfast in Silver Springs, youth living with epilepsy from Youth on the Move present petitions to the NCD representative Min […]

Epillose presents on the need for 3As in epilepsy care(Availability, accessibility and affordability)

There are nearly one million Kenyans living with epilepsy, approximately 70% of which lack access to treatment and psychosocial care. The problem is further compounded by […]

Purple4Epilepsy Empowering Youth

[fusion_text]Purple Day a day set aside through the efforts of a young girl with the aim of creating awareness on epilepsy at the grass roots is […]

Flying The #AngazaKifafa flag high with BOA

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2019 Annual Report on Activities

Kenya has in the recent past experienced changes in the health sector. Universal Health care was recently rolled out in four counties. There has been an […]


Every year,YotM gives training and sensitization through the assistance of the Youth in training who use skills in coaching and epilepsy care to reach out to […]