Once upon a time, a day like this, in a small house in Kibera, a young girl, Mercy, was born.  A bright and spirited girl, full of dreams and aspirations.

However, she was later diagnosed with a condition called epilepsy, which caused her to have frequent seizures.

Despite of their limited resources, her family did everything they could to provide her with the necessary medical care.

They tried different medications, and made adjustments to their lifestyle all for her safety. However, the financial burden became increasingly difficult to bear.

Fast forward, as she transitions from teenage hood, she’s gotten her swag back. She has regained her energy actively participating in sensitizing her community about epilepsy. She formed new friendships and pursued her passion for singing, showing great talent and creativity.

The story of Mercy is a testament to the power of compassion and the difference a donation can make in someone’s life. Thanks to the generosity of the community and the dedication of youth on the move, Mercy’s journey with epilepsy is more manageable, and she is able to embrace her dreams with newfound hope and resilience.

Youth on the Move has organized a fundraising campaign to raise funds for 20 youth like Mercy. We are counting on you, let’s join hands and make it happen!