Living with epilepsy can be challenging and sometimes even heartbreaking, especially for young girls who are just starting to navigate life’s challenges. One such sad experience is that of a girl living with epilepsy.

This girl’s life is a constant struggle with seizures, medication, and doctors’ visits. She is regularly unable to go to school, participate in activities, or even carry out basic tasks like grocery shopping without fear of having a seizure. Her epilepsy also causes her to feel isolated from peers, who often do not understand the condition or how to support her.

Additionally, the side effects of the anti-seizure medication that she takes severely impacts her life. She experiences bouts of drowsiness, mood swings, and even depression, all of which can make it hard for her to function on a day-to-day basis. The girl’s family is supportive, but they too are affected by the impacts of the epilepsy, which can be frustrating and costly.

Overall, the girl’s sad experience living with epilepsy highlights the importance of continued research into developing more effective treatments and support systems for those living with neurological conditions.

She constantly fears losing control of her body due to the unpredictability of seizures. She has to carry emergency medication with her at all times and avoid triggers. It feels like it has complete control over her life.

Living with epilepsy as a young person presented a challenging obstacle in the form of social stigma. Epilepsy is frequently misunderstood, and people’s judgments reflected this. I faced assumptions that I was incapable of certain tasks or less intelligent than my peers. Although these individuals likely did not intend to cause harm, their attitudes and comments left me feeling alone. Luckily this is a thing of the past as am now aware of my ability thanks to youth on the move.

Notwithstanding the obstacles, enduring epilepsy during my youth has instilled in me fortitude and tenacity. I have acquired the ability to assert myself and persevere through trying times. Additionally, it has fostered empathy towards those facing unseen difficulties. Epilepsy has granted me a distinctive outlook and profound gratitude for the blessing of existence. Am Stacy, I positively live with epilepsy!