I recall it like it was yesterday. I was a class 3 pupil at a local primary school in Murang’a county. Being among the brightest students, I liked staying in the front rows. 

It was almost midday, and a loud noise was heard in the class, causing a commotion. Curious, I ran toward the commotion. Other pupils were screaming so loud and running towards the door. What I saw frightened me. I spotted a “possessed child” convulsing and jerking while white foam oozed from her mouth.

Luckily, our class teacher was not far away and made it to the door just in time, despite pupils fleeing the classroom. I was the only brave one who stayed with the convulsing pupil. 

My teacher instructed me to push desks and tables away from the “possessed pupil” to make a room. She managed to get her into a recovery position while loosening her clothes. She also administered first aid. Within a few minutes, the pupil recovered.

My class teacher looked into my eyes and said, “she has recovered.” She could see so many questions running through my mind though frightened, I didn’t manage to utter any word.

Later in the day, my teacher called a special class where she taught us about epilepsy first aid and how to deal with someone having an epilepsy seizure.

Final Thoughts

Administering first aid to someone who suffers from epilepsy seizure may seem challenging. You need to know the kind of first aid to offer depending on the type of seizure. Administering the wrong first aid can cause harm to the person. 

The great news is that if you follow the correct first-aid guideline, you help them recover. They will even trust you once they recover. 

But there is one thing:

You may have basic epilepsy knowledge but still, need to gain more understanding and help more people in your community by creating epilepsy awareness. 

That’s where Youth on the Move (YotM) comes in. 

They have ample knowledge of epilepsy. They offer epilepsy training, advocacy, and awareness.

That is my story

Have you ever witnessed an epilepsy seizure? If so, what did you do to assist them in their recovery? I hope you did not flee.