Please don’t despise me, everybody has a gem!

Hello? I’m Emmanuel Kasina, mover 2018. Am positively living with epilepsy, and I love to do arts and sing.

Growing up, I must admit that I had a comfortable life, my parents had well-paying jobs, I went to a private school, I got a childhood that most would wish for, and I never missed a thing.

But this was short-lived, the tables turned and the comfortable life became uncomfortable and unbearable to me when I started getting seizures.

Life hasn’t been a bed of roses for me since I was diagnosed with epilepsy in mid-2017, the hate and shame from my family members became imminent, they wanted to cut off ties with me because of sheer ignorance of my condition despite them having medical background they never wanted any association with me.

I recently realized that my family has not yet accepted me the way I am. They act like they want to help but it’s a way to blindfold society. Even when I try to explain myself few are ready to listen because everyone knows they are good people even though deep inside I personally know the pain I’ve gone through in their hands.

The negative energy I got from them changed my bubbling and outgoing nature in me to constant resentment and self-hate, I felt the world was deaf to my cries. I became an introvert. I started expressing my emotions through drawing and painting, my paintbrush became my close confidant.

It was by God’s grace that I came through youth on the move on Facebook through a referral from my former classmate in college who got a wind of my predicaments as I was looking up ways that I can better my artistic abilities on the internet.

I found the love and comfort that I was longing for. I felt a sense of belonging, I found a family where they listen without judging and look at me now! I found youths who helped me get empowered and unleash the sleeping talent in me.

I have recorded 8 songs and 1 video which are on my youtube channel, you can check them out here. I studied Animation at Shangtao media art college, and I do customized portrait drawings and paintings as a means to support myself with my anti-epileptic drugs and livelihood.

Reach out to me on my social media handles for booking and business. Any support for my work would highly be appreciated. You can get me on my Facebook page Emmanuel Kasina and my YouTube page