[fusion_text]Purple Day a day set aside through the efforts of a young girl with the aim of creating awareness on epilepsy at the grass roots is marked with youth at Nairobi Arboretum.


Youth from Youth on the Move with and without epilepsy connect and share their experiences. A person living with epilepsy struggles with being accepted as the society holds myths and misconceptions about the condition.

The youth used this opportunity to share their epilepsy experience with others. Through this sharing in a safe and understanding space, youth are able to find connection with others and empowered as individuals.


Youth used this opportunity to dramatize lessons about epilepsy. A story is told of a beautiful girl who falls in love.
She found a loving boy Brian who is everything you want in a man except he has epilepsy. She goes to her parents to tell them about her new found lover. The parents are very much convinced that epilepsy is a condition brought by demon possession and try to protect their daughter from this lover.

He eventually visits her home where he shares more about epilepsy through which he is accepted.

The society holds these myths and it is only through awareness and education that these myths can be demystified.