Saturday the 24th November 2018 was marked with purple decorations at the Movers paradise. It was a moment of celebration as parents and caregivers of children living with epilepsy graduated.

Parents and caregivers from different backgrounds underwent a nine month training program program through which lessons were offered on epilepsy, its treatment, its first aid, lifestyle, faith & belief, education, work , dating, family planning, socialization and independence in guiding youth and children living with epilepsy. The training was targeted to offer social support as well as lifeskills that help them cope in the community. Most families experience discrimination for having a child living with epilepsy as it is associated with demon possession, curses or witchcraft.

The graduation was marked with parents sharing their experiences and how the program has contributed to changes in their lives,  giving certificates and crowned with cake cutting. One parent shared how they were able to give medication consistently and even train on epilepsy at the school the child goes as she felt more confident

Through the sharing it was evidenced that the misconceptions parents held had changed. Through the program, a holistic approach in offering social support for persons living with epilepsy is achieved.