• International Women’s Day for PLWE

    International Women’s Day for PLWE

    Living with epilepsy as a woman comes with different challenges. For me the biggest challenge was when I was unconscious and major changes had happened to me. So I had just come from town, exhausted from the hot sun. Near our home compound, I am

  • Sikika- Movers meeting

    Sikika- Movers meeting

    Do you wish your voice was heard?Movers of 2018 meet at the Mover's paradise for their Sikika talk. Youth living with epilepsy use this platform to share their experiences and get out of their protective shells brought about by the isolation experienced from living with



    Youth on the Move engages the correctional and rehabilitation facilities in partnership with the prison department of Kenya. Through prison visits, trainings on epilepsy care and management, stress and anger management and understanding of rights and responsibilities.

      Valentine’s day with Epilepsy in mind

      OUT! DEVIL GET OUT! Is what I woke up to when I regained my consciousness?


      YotM in partnership with Kkamega county government and the National epilepsy Coordination committee continue create


      Do you want to make a change and are you available for 3 days in

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