Project Description

The ability to work and be productive opens doors for people to achieve their goals. People living with epilepsy have the same opportunity to attain anything they set their minds on. However, when choosing a job it is important to take into account your condition. In most cases, people with epilepsy can work just like anyone else. However, if you have regular seizures or extensive side effects from medication, it may make it difficult for you to fulfill your duties.
Here’s a check list that can help to assess the relevance of your work:

  1. The place of work is safe (you and your colleagues won’t be at risk in case of a seizure)
  2. The work doesn’t have triggers for your seizures such as:
    a. Too much stress
    b. Sunlight (which can cause overheating)
    c. Lack of sleep due to long working days
  3. Your duties and responsibilities can be postponed or taken over by someone else if a seizure occurs
    Nonetheless the jobs that can be termed as risky are a minority. We encourage you to find a way to get educated for the job you want. Combining education and volunteer work will help you broaden your network and improve on your skills. This will in turn make it easier to find a job.