Project Description

When a person gets a seizure, they can be offered support to reduce the burden of it. The type of first aid that needs to be given during seizures usually depends on the type of seizure. With convulsive seizures, the person administering the first aid needs to:

  1.  Stay calm
  2. Remove any sharp or harmful objects or move the person away from danger
  3. Support or place something soft beneath the head
  4. Loosen any tight clothing at the neck
  5. Roll the person onto their side (recovery position) when jerking stops
  6. Stay with the person until fully recovered and oriented
  7. Seek medical help if the seizure takes longer than 5 minutes
    Know the don’ts
    1. Do not restrain the person when they’re jerking, it can cause bruises
    2. Do not put anything in the mouth, you cannot prevent the person from biting their tongue
    3. Do not give food or drinks before the person is fully recovered as they might choke on it

If the person experiencing the seizure is on a wheelchair or car seat, they can remain seated if secure and safely strapped in. When the seizure is happening it is important to support the head. When the jerking stops and they are still unconscious, they can be removed from the seat and rolled on their side to allow excess saliva to come out.