Project Description


If you think about stress, then most likely you think about negative pressure; the stress for exams or work, or the stress on how to get enough money to get food on the table or to pay the school fees in time. There is also another form of stress; the positive stress; excitement. Think about the moment you get a positive message; you are chosen and get the job of your dreams. You might feel the energy bursting from your toes to your head; the adrenaline kick goes through your body.

Or imagine when you are celebrating your birthday and your friends and family are visiting you. You are excited to see them together, this day you feel stress, but very positively. Both the positive and negative stress in an extreme form can trigger a seizure for people with epilepsy. So this seizure can be triggered during exciting events and during events when you are negatively stressed. We advise you not to completely exclude stress in your life, but to weigh the consequences of the stress actions; is it worth the eventual seizure to come?