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Sex and family planning

Living with epilepsy cannot prevent one from having a successful marriage and bear children. People with epilepsy can make love and have children like anyone else. Therefore you also need to take measures to avoid pregnancy if you are not ready to become a parent.

For women with epilepsy, it’s important to know that birth control pills may not fully protect against pregnancy, as some anti-epileptic drugs reduce the effect of the pill. However, condoms work the same for everyone and prevent pregnancy and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases .

When you are ready to become a parent, we advise you to first consult your doctor. They may change your prescription during pregnancy to reduce the chance of complications for the baby. In most cases, people with epilepsy have perfectly healthy children. During the pregnancy you could experience a difference in your epilepsy. The number of seizures could increase or decrease. This is different for every person. However, if you have a seizure during your pregnancy, we encourage you to inform the doctor about it so that they can check if there is need to change your treatment. In some very rare cases the seizure may harm the baby. Therefore it is important to check how to reduce the chances as much as possible.