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Right to driving

Everyone who wants to drive a car needs to pass the tests for a driving license. But is it wise to drive if you can get a seizure? How can you decide if you can safely drive a car? Can you drive yourself from home to work? Or is this too dangerous due to the chance that you may get a seizure? In many countries people who experience seizures during daytime lose the legal right to drive.

Some people think they can drive safely because they get an aura before the seizure occurs. However, what will you do when you drive along a superhighway as you get the aura? You may not have enough time to drive to a safe place to park your car. The risk of having an accident because of your seizure is greatly reduced in people who have been seizure free for 12 months. Therefore many countries allow you to drive if you’ve been seizure free for a year.

In Kenya, there are no clear rules on your right to drive a car when you have seizures. However, we highly encourage you to make a wise decision. If you get a seizure while driving, you risk not only your own safety, but also the safety of other people on the road.

Is it punishable when your epilepsy seizure led to a traffic accident and harmed people?
You’re taking a great risk if you decide to drive when you know that you may get a seizure. If you get an accident because of your seizure, and you knew of the chance of getting a seizure, you can be held accountable for this despite the fact that you did not choose to have the seizure. You are expected to be responsible enough to make wise decisions such as whether or not to drive a car. Therefore people can take you to court.