Project Description

Youth on the Move welcomes you to our epilepsy training. Through this training we will prepare you to contribute in creating awareness about epilepsy and positively transform the lives of the approximately 70 million people worldwide who are living with the condition. Knowledge is power; having the basic facts about epilepsy, gives one the power to change the lives of people who live with it.

Epilepsy has existed for many years and through the years scientists have gained more insight in the causes and control of the seizures. However, people still face challenges in living with the condition. We therefore appreciate your efforts to expand your knowledge on how people with epilepsy can effectively deal with the condition. During the training we encourage participants to share their own views and experiences concerning epilepsy, because we believe that we can also learn from each other. Your stories will make the classes lively and give us more insight as the training goes on.

Epilepsy is a condition which can be difficult to understand. You cannot always visibly see it like albinism or polio. Until a seizure occurs, a person with epilepsy looks the same as everyone else. When doctors explain to you what epilepsy is, they may often use complicated words that could make the subject of epilepsy even more confusing. In this manual we share our knowledge on epilepsy in layman’s terms. This will make it easier for you to pass on the information to your peers. Once we understand our epilepsy, we will be able to make informed decisions about our lifestyle and live an active life like anyone else.

The Movers Team,
Nairobi, 2014

Download The Manual here