Project Description

When you have epilepsy, do you have to inform others about it? Some say that it’s important to share it with the people you deal with; others choose to keep it quiet. The good thing is that the choice is yours. You can choose to share or to keep it private.
When you tell others about your condition you:

1. help them to understand what epilepsy is and reduce the prejudices
2. teach them how they can give you first aid during a seizure
3. share your challenges and get their moral support to overcome it
4. encourage others not to feel ashamed about their epilepsy

To avoid prejudices, most people with epilepsy don’t tell others about their condition. But when you sense that a seizure is about to come, it is wise to open up about it. People who are close to you may feel betrayed because you haven’t been open about your epilepsy. They will also not be prepared in the event of a seizure.