Project Description

As we grow up, we’re taught values and norms; what is right and what is wrong. These values and norms are not fixed, in every culture they are different, and even among individuals there are differences. There is a difference between facts and opinions. Facts are fixed, and can’t be negotiated. We do not need to discuss if red is a color. It’s a fact that red is a color. Instead, we can discuss if red is a beautiful color, because this is just an opinion, and not a fact. You may love the color red, while someone else strongly dislikes it. The good thing is that we have the right to have our own opinion, to disagree with people and to speak this out (Articles 19 and 33 CoK).

The fact that you have a different opinion doesn’t have to create a problem. It would only become a problem if someone denies another person their right to speak for themselves. It’s important that everyone has the space to share their opinion inasmuch as it’s everyone’s role to give space to others to also share theirs. Finally, whatever other people’s opinion is, you have the right to choose for yourself what you stand for and what you want to do in life. The right to choice doesn’t mean that everything is offered to you to achieve your wishes. Your choices need to be realistic and achievable as it shouldn’t conflict with the rights of others either.