Project Description

Faith and belief

As people grow up they are socialized into various spiritual and moral beliefs. For every faith and belief, there are views of epilepsy which have an impact on the way people relate to it. While some religions view epilepsy as a curse, others view people with epilepsy as a divine spirit.

Religious institutions sometimes off er more services than only spiritual guidance. We see religious institutions running their own schools and clinics that assist in creating awareness about health issues. This way they greatly contribute to the quality of health of their members. Whereas many religious leaders encourage their members to seek medical assistance from conventional doctors, some prohibit or discourage their members from seeking conventional treatment but to solely seek spiritual guidance instead.  Some people make use of both; they take the treatment as prescribed by the doctor while they also ask their pastor or a faith healer to pray for God‘s intervention. In some cases, religious leaders or faith healers claim to heal epilepsy and discourage the use of anti-epileptic drugs. This can be a risk to your health. Seizures can come back in an even greater form than before if you abruptly quit using your drugs without your doctor’s consent.