Project Description

Exercise is a great way to make ourselves feel better. It makes us feel energetic and boosts our self-esteem. It enables us to sleep better and keeps us from being depressed. When we exercise, the body produces hormones called endorphins which give us a feeling of happiness. These hormones are usually addictive, so once you start with exercise, it’s hard to stop.

For most people with epilepsy exercises don’t trigger seizures, but in fact reduce the occurrence. It is therefore not common for people to experience an attack while engaging in sports. Everyone has a type of exercise that they like most. One person may like dancing; someone else may love soccer. Another might enjoy walking more, or riding a bicycle instead of public transportation. When you have epilepsy, you need to consider which exercise is best for you as some types of exercises can be risky, such as swimming. If you get a seizure while swimming you could drown if you don’t get immediate assistance. Therefore you must have someone who can accompany you, so as to assist you if you get a seizure in the water.

It is also recommended that you inform the lifeguard about your epilepsy and how they can assist you if you get a seizure. As you participate in sports, you need to protect yourself from exhaustion, dehydration and low blood sugar. These can trigger seizures. Do not cross your limits, and ensure that you drink enough water and eat enough food.