Project Description


Like anyone else, people with epilepsy have feelings, desires and go out on dates in the hope of meeting someone that they can love. As you go for the first date, you could be anxious and doubtful of what you should share about yourself.

Will you only share the nice things in your life? Or will you also share your challenges?
When will you inform your date about your epilepsy? Do you do it during the first encounter, or do you wait a bit longer, maybe even wait until they see you having a fit? The choice is yours, although we encourage you to be open about your health, as epilepsy is nothing to feel embarrassed about. We believe that a person who truly loves you will embrace you with all your strengths and challenges.

Take your time to explain what epilepsy is. You can explain to your date that you are not a victim of epilepsy, as long as you have access to your treatment and as long as people treat you like a normal human being. Just remember that epilepsy is only a small part of you. It’s not your character, it’s not your personality, and it is only a disruption in your brain when you have a seizure. Take your time to explain what it is, so that the person can understand you better and be there for you, for better and worse.