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Commonly Asked Questions

Can epilepsy be transmitted through sex?

In some areas people believe that epilepsy can be transmitted through sex or even by touching the person with epilepsy. Fortunately this is not true. Epilepsy is not contagious, and therefore it’s not a reason to exclude anyone from social interaction and intimacy.

Can you get pregnant, or impregnate someone, when you have epilepsy?

Another myth is that people with epilepsy can’t have children. This is also not true, as a woman with epilepsy can easily get pregnant and a man with epilepsy can easily impregnate a woman. Therefore, if you are not ready to have children, it is important to engage in the services of a family planning clinic.

Might I have a seizure when I make love?

Sometimes, people with epilepsy and their partners worry that a seizure may occur while they make love. In fact, a seizure is no more likely to come at this time than at any other time. But it is true that it could happen to you. This is not a reason to be nervous about it, and even less a reason to walk away from the physical intimacy. Having a seizure as you make love cannot do any harm, as we already know that epilepsy cannot be transmitted through sex. As you are intimate with your partner, (s) he is
close enough to give you the support and assistance that you need.

Can you get infected by HIV or any other STD?

If you have epilepsy, you need protection from HIV and any other STD as much as anyone else. Epilepsy does not prevent you from getting infected when you have sex or through any other way.