Project Description

Living with epilepsy involves challenges to overcome, which is even more so if you’re in a correctional facility which exposes you to various triggers for your seizures.The people with epilepsy at the Nyeri Main Prison welcomed us to share our medical knowledge on the condition, but also urged us to off er them guidance on how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Their openness has enabled us to gain more insight into their lives and what challenges them most in dealing with their seizures.

This manual is the result of that collaboration and provides medical information on epilepsy as well as information about a healthy lifestyle for people with the condition at a correctional facility. This includes tips on how to manage emotions like anger without violence. While you’re at the correctional facility, some restrictions are not in your power to change, but there are ways you can reduce the stress it brings along. By learning to cope with challenging situations, you can feel more confident and therefore be less stressed, which for many people reduces the number of
epilepsy seizures.

We encourage you to take your time to read it and ask for assistance from others if you do not understand a part of it. We hope it will inspire you to improve your wellbeing while living with epilepsy at a correctional facility. On top of that, we encourage you to share this knowledge so that you contribute to creating awareness of the condition and enabling others to assist you and
others during a seizure.

Download The Manual here