Project Description

August 27th 2010 shall for ever remain one of the most memorable days in my life and I believe the same applies to many Kenyans. Aft er a tough fifteen months of drafting and preparing the new Kenyan constitution, which Kenyans approved through a referendum earlier that month, the document that I had helped to churn out as a member of the Committee of Experts for Constitutional Review (CoE) was indeed my country’s new constitution.

That day was very special to me. That day and the experiences leading up to it presented me with ambivalent emotions— great pride and distinction for being one of the Kenyans in the eleven member committee that provided stewardship during the successful writing process and profound humility for the opportunity and support that Kenyans had accorded my colleagues and me during that journey.
The new Kenyan Constitution provided a fresh blueprint through which Kenyans could navigate themselves out of an old disappointing order to a new dispensation full of ambition, hope and fulfillment – a belief that many Kenyans had on that day as the president led the country in promulgating the new document.

However for me, a voice of restraint and objectivity kept on whispering in the ear of my mind. It hauntingly said (and still does!) – ‘this was the easy
bit, a battle has been won but the war continues – bado mapambano!’ I was
well aware that inasmuch as we were celebrating (and rightly so considering.

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