Project Description

Alcohol & drugs

Some people get epilepsy because of extensive alcohol intake over a long period of time. People who have epilepsy can be sensitive to alcohol. Only half a beer can make a person with epilepsy feel drunk. Alcohol can also trigger a seizure. Consumption of drugs (like smoking weed) and alcohol is associated with behavior that is risky for people living with epilepsy.

Most people with epilepsy can have one or two glasses of alcohol without increasing the chances of having a seizure. For some a small amount of alcohol provokes a seizure and they therefore must choose not to drink alcohol at all.

Just like all other lifestyle issues, when youth are told what they should and shouldn’t do it generally has a negative impact. If they are told not to drink alcohol, they may feel the urge to rebel and drink excessively. It is therefore recommended that you give them the facts and let them make the choice for themselves.