The degree to which people accept their epilepsy varies from person toperson. Some people easily face it and learn to deal with it while others experience confusion.

When the doctor informs you that you have epilepsy, a lot of questions might go through your mind:

  1. Did they say epilepsy or leprosy?
  2. Am I going to die now?
  3. What did I do wrong?
  4. How can I get rid of this?
  5. Why me and not someone else?
  6. How can I hide this from others?

Understanding epilepsy is an important step in your effort to acknowledgeand accept the condition. For this, you need knowledge about it. This can be given by the doctor, but you can also search for literature or ask other professionals to tell you more about it. Their information can reassure you that epilepsy is nothing to be ashamed of and that you can live beyond it. It is advisable for you to participate in trainings where you can share experiences and knowledge. This can be achieved at various epilepsy organizations that organize meetings for people with epilepsy. Once you have enough knowledge, you will understand how you can live an active life.

Faith and belief

Faith and belief As people grow up they are socialized into various spiritual and moral beliefs. For every faith and belief, there are views of epilepsy which have an impact on the way people relate to

Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions Can epilepsy be transmitted through sex? In some areas people believe that epilepsy can be transmitted through sex or even by touching the person with epilepsy. Fortunately this is not true. Epilepsy is not

Sex and family planning

Sex and family planning Living with epilepsy cannot prevent one from having a successful marriage and bear children. People with epilepsy can make love and have children like anyone else. Therefore you also need to take measures


Dating Like anyone else, people with epilepsy have feelings, desires and go out on dates in the hope of meeting someone that they can love. As you go for the first date, you could be anxious and doubtful of


Stress If you think about stress, then most likely you think about negative pressure; the stress for exams or work, or the stress on how to get enough money to get food on the table

Alcohol & drugs

Alcohol & drugs Some people get epilepsy because of extensive alcohol intake over a long period of time. People who have epilepsy can be sensitive to alcohol. Only half a beer can make a person with epilepsy feel


Exercise is a great way to make ourselves feel better. It makes us feel energetic and boosts our self-esteem. It enables us to sleep better and keeps us from being depressed. When we exercise, the


Everyone who wants to drive a car needs to pass the tests for a driving license. But is it wise to drive if you can have a seizure? How can you decide if you can safely drive a car?


The ability to work and be productive opens doors for people to achieve their goals. People living with epilepsy have the same opportunity to attain anything they set their minds on. However, when choosing a


Education is an essential aspect of life and epilepsy does not in any way prevent an individual from successfully attaining it. However, the condition has been classified by some as a mental challenge. As a

Informing others

When you have epilepsy, do you have to inform others about it? Some say that it’s important to share it with the people you deal with; others choose to keep it quiet. The good thing